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I'm working with LLVM + Clang now. I use the ASTUnit to build-up the tree and I use the RecursiveASTVisitor to traverse the tree.

    clang::ASTUnit* AST;
    clang::DiagnosticOptions diagOpts;
    llvm::IntrusiveRefCntPtr<clang::Diagnostic> diags = clang::CompilerInstance::createDiagnostics(diagOpts, 0, 0);

    const char** ptr = new const char*[1];
    ptr[0] = argv[1];

    clang::CompilerInvocation *ci = new clang::CompilerInvocation();
    clang::CompilerInvocation::CreateFromArgs(*ci, ptr, ptr+1, *diags);
    ci->setLangDefaults(clang::IK_CXX, clang::LangStandard::lang_cxx98);
    ci->getPreprocessorOutputOpts().ShowComments = 1;
    ci->getPreprocessorOutputOpts().ShowLineMarkers = 1;

    AST = clang::ASTUnit::LoadFromCompilerInvocation(ci, diags);


    MyRecursiveASTVisitor myvis(AST->getASTContext());

I would like to avoid visiting the included system libaries. Is it possible?

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I think I found some kind of solution, but not the final one!

In the inherited ASTVisitor class:

class MyRecursiveASTVisitor : public clang::RecursiveASTVisitor<MyRecursiveASTVisitor>

You can override function TraverseDecl. In this function you can traverse the declarations. If you don't call this function recursive, when the declaration is not from the main file, you can avoid traverse the declarations from other files.

bool TraverseDecl ( clang::Decl *D )
    bool rval;

    if (!D) return true;

    if (sm.isFromMainFile(D->getLocation()) || std::string(D->getDeclKindName()) == "TranslationUnit")
        bool rval = clang::RecursiveASTVisitor<MyRecursiveASTVisitor>::TraverseDecl(D);
        rval = true;

    return rval;

In this context the sm is the clang::SourceManager of class MyRecursiveASTVisitor. You van avoid traversing statements from other files, the same way, in overridden TraverseStmt function.

Now I only how to get to know whether the statement or declaration is from a system library, or a user defined library.

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