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String foo = "a3#4#b";
String afterPunctutationRemoval = foo.replaceAll("[,.;:?!'-_\"/()\\{}]", "");

it gives me "a##b" as a result, can someone explain me why?

Shouldn't it return the string as it is?

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Your character class contains the range '.._ which matches digits as well.

Put the - at the start or end of the character class:

foo.replaceAll("[,.;:?!'_\"/()\\{}-]", "")

or escape it:

foo.replaceAll("[,.;:?!'\\-_\"/()\\{}]", "");
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'-_ matches every character between ' and _.

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Like the other two people said, escape the - character - \\-.

Also, \\{ evaluates to the same as {, was this intended? If not, try escaping the backslash - \\\\{

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also, that should return "". The . character is supposed to evaluate to every character. – m12 May 7 '12 at 8:06

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