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Im afraid, when i use the code:

<div id="sentence_xx"></div> 

that i always have to print a lot of jquery code.

I can see the code in this link :

the problem is that, there will be al lot of div sentences

<div id="sentence_xx"></div>

and every time that i want to print it, i have to print the whole jquery block whit it for every < div>.

does someone knows how i can solve this? because the id's that the jquery generate must be unique and I hoped that this could be more flexible but dont know how.

kind regards

I found a solution By using jquery wildcards (you cant replace the id's by classes, because the ui.jquery wouldn't work anymore:

    $(document).ready(function() {
    // For everey id, started with sentence_  (the sentences which I want)
    $('[id^=sentence_]').each(function() {

    // strip the id until i have the number only (sentence_ is a static value)
    var currentId = $(this).attr('id');
    var toRemove = "sentence_";
    var id = currentId.replace(toRemove,'');

    //replace all the characters by "</li> <li class=\"ui-widget-content_"+id+"\">"
    var text = $("#"+currentId).text().trim().split("").join("</li> <li class=\"ui-widget-content_"+id+"\">");
    $("#"+currentId).html("<li class=\"ui-widget-content_"+id+"\">" + text + "</li>");

    //create a <ol> after the div selectable_xx
    $('<ol class="selectable_style" id="selectable_'+id+'"></ol>').insertAfter("#"+currentId);

    // remove the value of the div and place them into the <ol>

    //replace all the " " by non breaking spaces 
    $('#selectable_'+id+' li').each(function() {
      $(this).html($(this).text().replace(' ', '&nbsp;'));

     //attache the function for selecting items and put the character place into the next span
        $( "#selectable_"+id ).selectable({
            stop: function() {
                var woord ="" ;
                var result = $( "#selectable_"+id ).next('span').empty();
                $( ".ui-selected", this ).each(function() {
                    var index = $( "#selectable_"+ id +" li" ).index( this );
                    result.append( " #" + ( index + 1 ) );
                    letter = index + 1;
                    woord += letter+'';


If you want to play with it, i have updated the code

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You should use css class'es for elements that repeat them selfs.

so if you have many elements with same functionality like this

so you can do something like like this:

$(".my-class").html("<a href='#'>Me!</a>");

And this will attach same behaviour to all elements with class "my-class"

For generating content like html you should use something like handlebars http://handlebarsjs.com/ this lets you define templates and render them in javascripts

something like this

<a href="{{url}}">{{name}} </a>

becomes this

(for var object = {name: "my blog", url: "http://no-idea.com"})

<a href="http://no-idea.com">my blog</a>

(it is rewritten my old post and i see there are some display bugs)

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@Jakob - I've solved it –  Dieter May 5 '12 at 15:41

Did my best :/ no hating

.ready(function () {
    .each(function () {
    var a = $(this)
        b = "sentence_",
        c = a.replace(b, ""),
        d = $("#" + a)
            .join('</li> <li class="ui-widget-content_' + c + '">');
    $("#" + a)
        .html('<li class="ui-widget-content_' + c + '">' + d + "</li>"), $('<ol class="selectable_style" id="selectable_' + c + '"></ol>')
        .insertAfter("#" + a), $(".ui-widget-content_" + c + "")
        .appendTo("#selectable_" + c), $("#sentence_" + c)
        .remove(), $("#selectable_" + c + " li")
        .each(function () {
            .replace(" ", "&nbsp;"))
    }), $("#selectable_" + c)
        stop: function () {
            var a = "",
                b = $("#selectable_" + c)
            $(".ui-selected", this)
                .each(function () {
                var d = $("#selectable_" + c + " li")
                b.append(" #" + (d + 1)), letter = d + 1, a += letter + ""
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I agree with the class posts but if you do need to preserve the sentence number you could store them on the node using HTML 5 data attributes. That way you wouldn't have to worry about duplicate id attributes and you would still get the hooks for CSS that you need.

<div data-sentence="xx"></div>

Select them all in CSS with:

div[data-sentence] { foo: bar; }

or in jQuery with:


But if you don't need to preserve the sentence number just go with a class as others have mentioned.

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I have solved it –  Dieter May 5 '12 at 15:41

You should use classes instead and try to make your code more modular to avoid repeated code for new elements.

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