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First of all let me introduce myself. My name is Eyup and I'm a student from the Netherlands. Today I got in to Facebook development, as this is necessary to create a product we need for our school assignment. I'm a noob when it comes to programming. I have HTML and minor PHP knowledge. So that's me in short, now my problem/question:

We want to create a physical "Face-book" for our assignment. In short this is a physical book of someone's Facebook activity. Think of wall-posts, likes, photos, video's etc. A physical timeline. Now the big idea is to do the following:

  • User logs in to App
  • User fills in delivery adress
  • App reads all data necessary (wall posts, most liked updates, photos, friends, etc)
  • App places the above information in a pre-defined template
  • Template gets converted into a Book (post-editing in InDesign if neccesary, unless possible in app)
  • Users enjoy their pysical Facebook Timeline

So the user only has to give permission to the App, and fill in their adress information. The rest should happen back-end. It's going to be an App on Facebook, but there is a possibility to host it on a deticated website.

What are we looking at? Is this achievable in about 6 weeks of full-time development? Is it possible overall and where should one start? I have tried to make an App on Facebook with Heroku, but stumbled on some problems, but main problem is that I have zero knowledge of what is possible. If someone can push me in a direction, I have the confidence that it can be achieved.

Thanks for reading, waiting for your suggestions.

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This is off topic for this site; far too broad and there's no definitive answer - see the FAQ for the types of questions thata re suitable here. Note that this company facebook.com/socialmemories have already done this, they produce great PDFs and I've bought one of their physical books and was very happy with the quality - they're based in Germany - if this is just for a college project and you're not planning to launch as a competitor, i'd say they might be willing to talk to you about how they set it up –  Igy May 4 '12 at 18:46
Ohw, I'm terribly sorry. Thank you for this information. I will take a look at that app. We have no intention of creating a product to earn money. So perhaps it's worth contacting them. –  Eyup May 4 '12 at 19:24

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