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I am working on an OpenCV project with GoPro cameras in Python (2.7). I am looking for a way to bring these video files into OpenCV for analysis. Here are the issues that I am having, any recommendations would be greatly appreciated:

  1. I can only get OpenCV (2.3) to recognize raw AVI files. Converting MP4 to raw AVI resulted in huge files and was capped at 2gb (~30 secs.).
  2. pyFFmpeg only works on Python 2.6.
  3. pyMedia doesn't work on mp4's, which the GoPro exports.

Ideally, I would read in the mp4 file, and create a loop to decode the frame, save it, analyze, encode and export. I am running out of ideas. Any thoughts?

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OpenCV2 can now deal with MP4's if you have the correct codec and they are set-up correctly. –  eminentCodfish Jan 15 at 14:24

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