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I have a table named tblClients with the next fields: idClient, name, credit, debt.

Create table tblClients(idClient int,name varchar(20), credit int, debt int);
insert into tblClients values(1,'Guillermo',1000,0),(2,'Jess',5000,2000);

I want to categorize the type of debt like

debt = 0 NOT                DEBTOR
debt between 0 AND 1000     LOW DEBTOR
debt between 1001 AND 2000  MEDIUM DEBTOR.

If I make this query I get the debtors type.

SELECT name AS 'Client',debt AS 'Debtor Type' FROM tblClients WHERE debt = 0;
SELECT name AS 'Client',debt AS 'Debtor Type' FROM tblClients WHERE debt BETWEEN 1 AND 1000;

How can I put the tag DEBTOR, LOW DEBTOR or MEDIUM DEBTOR in the column debt instead of the debt number?

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Try this:

SELECT name AS Client, 
    WHEN debt = 0 THEN 'Not Debtor'
    WHEN debt BETWEEN 1 AND 1000 THEN 'Low Debtor'
    ELSE 'Medium Debtor'
END AS debt
FROM tblClients 
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IT WORKS PERFECT!!!! MANY THANKS!!! –  unixeO May 4 '12 at 19:58
you should accept the answer and upvote it if it helped you. –  Phil W May 4 '12 at 20:07

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