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I can't get this to divide into a decimal. It is rounding to value 0.

    private void button24_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
        double x = 0;

        x = 1 / 2;

        ans.Text = x.ToString();

When I debug, x is zero before it is sent to the textbox 'ans.'

I tried..and string variable is still zero..

double x = 1/5;

string displayX = x.ToString("0.0000");
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It's integer division and those are the expected outputs.

double x = 1.0 / 5;  // this will not perform integer division
double x = 1/5;  // this does  (1/5 = 0).  
double x = 1D / 5; // this will not because 1 is treated as a double
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I knew it was gonna be something simple lol. It worked. Thank you sir. –  dright May 4 '12 at 19:38
I give this answer a D for not giving the correct suffix for a Double Literal. –  Conrad Frix May 4 '12 at 19:40
@ConradFrix: Thanks but I'm actually not using any suffix so on that criterion I fail miserably (so the D is way too nice). –  Austin Salonen May 4 '12 at 19:41
@AustinSalonen well you nicely explained why its 0 and D is the correct suffix for a double literal so I was trying to be funny. So much for that :P –  Conrad Frix May 4 '12 at 19:42
@ConradFrix: whoosh to me... ha! –  Austin Salonen May 4 '12 at 19:43

You can do one of the follow:

double x = 1;
double y = 1.5;

double ans = x / y;
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I don't see the value of using Convert.ToDouble() in this instance. It might even confuse readers if they replace x/y with ints (as the OP did). –  payo May 4 '12 at 19:52
@payo i updated my answer, you are right. –  jacqijvv May 4 '12 at 19:58
updates/edits in response to a comment is always worth an upvote in my book :) –  payo May 4 '12 at 20:08
plus, you can always have an upvote for saying I'm right, regardless of the context. –  payo May 4 '12 at 20:09

Replace double x = 1/5 with double x = 1.0/5 and that should fix it. Because both numbers you're dividing are integers, it still processes it as an integer, rather than as a double. When you think through logically, it makes some sense - it does the division in whatever form those numbers are and then saves it to the variable; the variable type is inconsequential to the actual equation.

(I realize there are other answers already, but hopefully this will help you see why the issue exists.)

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