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Is it somehow possible to only get lets say the first 10 links from a page with BeautifulSoup?

Something like;

for tag in soupan.findAll('a') in range(10):

Have tried to Google it and cant seem to find how to achieve that. Any ideas? :)

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Would something like this work:

for tag in soupan.findAll('a')[:10]:


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Thanks!!! Im still new to Python, i feel really stupid now :) –  user1213488 May 4 '12 at 19:48

Beautiful Soup's find methods take a SQL-style "limit" argument:

for tag in soupan.find_all('a', limit=10):
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Does for tag in soupan.findAll('a')[:10]: work?

the other option is:

for i, tag in enumerate(soupan.findAll('a')):
    if i >= 10:
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