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Ive used :

heroku create

To create a heroku application, and succesfully pushed/pulled it into /output a separate github repo.

But I'm wondering :

Where does heroku store the name of my application? In an empty directory, does not result in any new files.

Does heroku thus rely 100% entirely on git to manage the entire state of the application? Or is there some local information for security/etc that is stored on a local machine.

If this is the case, what is the "purpose" of the heroku create command - Does it simply create a new url and register it with the heroku cloud ?

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Yes, when you run heroku create it creates the application on Heroku and then adds the heroku git remote in your git repo. git remote -v locally will show this.

When you then use the heroku CLI it extracts the name of the application from the heroku remote that heroku create added for you.

If you choose not to use heroku as your remote name, I myself prefer production and staging then you will need to use the --app parameter to heroku commands to identify the application which you wish to interface to.

UPDATE: If you look from line 21 of you can see how it works.

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thanks maybe fix some typos though ?> Some of the finer points are hard to understand . – jayunit100 May 7 '12 at 2:40

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