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How can I avoid displaying the dialog for the choice of webcam.

After about 18 hours I have gotten my webcam to run (I'm sure many more cameras will work) from my application in WPF.

No DirectShowNet, No WPFMediaKit, No WIA

I adapted the code of an implementation with avicap32. It works "perfectly" but always displays the dialog box of the device of choice and I want to avoid this if possible.

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I think this behavior is by design, so the user always knows when an application is trying to access it. Nobody wants and application that takes a photo of you with out your permission. In Win8 the user can override this behavior per-application.

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Well... maybe the answer you are looking for is: No, you can't. –  NestorArturo May 25 '12 at 18:38

I only found this maybe it will help you.

SendMessage(_windowHandle, WM_CAP_CONNECT, _videoSourceIndex, 0)

Maybe you should ask this guy: C# web cam WM_CAP_CONNECT: Want to force a capture source when multiple capture sources present

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