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I want to write a function saveStuff that saves something to a file, after it passes certain tests. If tests fail, I need to raise an error. What should be the result type of this function? I thought of IO (Either String ()) and IO (Maybe String), but both of them feel wrong for some reason. I looked up similar functions from standard library, but they simply seem to return IO (). They throw exceptions on failures. I can't find myself liking that approach.

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If it can succeed in only one way, Maybe ErrorMessage or something isomorphic is the correct type. If you don't like Maybe because usually Nothing indicates failure, use data Result = Success | Failure String. –  Daniel Fischer May 4 '12 at 22:38
@DanielFischer: That is probably good as an answer (rather than a comment). –  Tikhon Jelvis May 5 '12 at 0:17

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You could consider writing something that returns an ErrorT String IO (). Documentation for the ErrorT monad transformer is on Hackage. There are more suggestions in the excellent Eight Ways to Report Errors by Eric Kidd and the follow up some years later by Edward Yang.

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ErrorT is what I thought of, too. You have what is essentially an IO (), and you want to add the potential for an error with a message, so just slap the ErrorT transformer on top of it. –  Dan Burton May 5 '12 at 2:49

If there is only one way saveStuff can succeed, a type isomorphic to Maybe ErrorMessage is the correct type. Maybe ErrorMessage itself has the downside that usually Nothing denotes failure when using Maybe, so it would run counter to expectations here. With regard to that, Either ErrorMessage () is better, but the () parameter to the Right case doesn't carry any information, therefore that option lacks elegance too.

If you don't want to accept these shortcomings, define your own result type

data Result = Success | Failure ErrorMessage
-- with type ErrorMessage = String, for example
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