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I am building ASP.NET MVC3/Razor C# and I need two sides/interface base web aplication, that means I need this:

Admin side, where I will add Clients, and Client side, when client can log in and manage something too. Urls should look like these:



And I want something like this: controllers which belongs to Admin have in direcotry Controllers/Admin, and controllers which belongs to client have in directory Controllers/Client. The same with Views: Views/Admin, Views/Client. Problem is when I have url www/Client/Project and www/Admin/Project, and both are taking the same controller, which is not what I want.

So please help me to solve this, design best structure. Thank you

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You can organise your site into separate sections using areas:


If they are completely separate then it's probably cleaner just to create them as separate MVC applications, with common code in a business layer. However using areas will let you link between the two sections easier (for example, if you wanted to display "edit" links next to data in the client section).

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Thank you. This is great. –  Mirgen May 5 '12 at 12:40
Another question. Where is the best place to test, if Client exists in my db? I mean if the given clientId in urls: Client/{ClientId} exists? –  Mirgen May 5 '12 at 12:41

You should probably just create a separate website for each of the Admin and Client sites. It's much cleaner that way. If you have any code you want to share between the projects just make a business layer dll that has the shared code you need.

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