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I am using MonoDevelop on Mac to write MonoTouch apps. Automatica code indenting/formatting works great while I am typing.

The problem is that when I copy and paste code snippets, in many cases I lose the formatting and lines are combined together, indenting is lost, and it is a huge pain to implement the tabs, spacing, and line breaks manually. Is there anyway I can use a command in monoDevelop to automatically indent and apply the formatting to existing code.

I thought maybe Edit|Format|Format Document/Selection would work, but these commands don't have any affect on the code at all.

Any help?

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Change your formatting settings so that the code is formatted how you like it. Right now, it's formatting your code automatically in the default fashion. –  minitech May 4 '12 at 23:12
user1060500, if my answer helped, perhaps you could accept the answer and/or upvote it? :-D –  Jason Hartley Feb 27 at 22:39

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To format the entire document in one keystroke: control-I

To format a selection: Edit->Format->Format Selection

To customize the formatting: MonoDevelop->Preferences->Source Code->Code Formatting

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keystroke was not set in my case, but added it to key Bindings ­­Tools->Options->Key Binding then searched format. Thanks! –  GabLeRoux Mar 8 at 2:59

You actually need to select all your text, and then go to Edit->Format->Format Document. It doesn't seem to work otherwise.

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