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Good day,

I would like to display the phone numbers from my table "Subscribers" with the same value (as string) associated with it. For instance, I would like to display these numbers:


Here is my code:

Dim conStr As String = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings("dbConnectionString").ConnectionString
Dim adapter As New SqlDataAdapter("Select * from tblSubscribers", conStr)
Dim dataset As DataSet = New DataSet


ListBoxSubscribers.DataSource = dataset.Tables(0)
ListBoxSubscribers.DisplayMember = "Phone"
ListBoxSubscribers.ValueMember = "Phone"

I am trying to iterate through each value of my listbox. The problem is I get P, h, o, n, e instead of the actual number. Here is my iteration program:

        For Each item As String In ListBoxSubscribers.ValueMember
            Dim PhoneNumber As String = item.ToString
            TextBoxPhoneNumberDisplay.Text = PhoneNumber
            SendSMS(PhoneNumber, msg)


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Looking at the docs here, I'm pretty sure valuemember and displaymember can only be properties of the class you're working with, in this case the DataSet class. –  sajattack May 5 '12 at 0:44

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the valuemember must be the primary key, by the way your not iterating through the whole valueMembers, its just the "string" set in that control, try setting the displayMember and ValueMember to columns in your dataset, like:

listboxsubscribers.displayMember = dataset.Tables(0).columns(index)
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Your ListBoxSubscribers control is using a DataTable as its DataSource, which means the items in your list are DataRowView items, not strings.

You also iterate through the Items collection, not the ValueMember property.

Quick fix:

For Each item As DataRowView In ListBoxSubscribers.Items
  Dim PhoneNumber As String = item("Phone").ToString
  '\\ etc
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