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I have several files uploaded with a form that is processed by a PHP script. There are several "categories" that I need to have handles separate ways. In other words, I need some of the files in the $_FILES array to be stored someplace, and some others stored in other places.

So what I need is all files (array keys) that are not $_FILES['filename_form'] to be stored / used separably.

The reason why I need this is because the amount of files being uploaded are dynamic, but always either $_FILES['filename_type1'] or $_FILES['filename_type2_*] where * is a number that increments when more files are input from the form (dynamically)

Might be a very simple solution, either I'm too tired or maybe I've been staring too much at the code, but all I know is I need a solution before tomorrow morning, so it's time sensitive =P

Appreciate all the help I can get. Thank you!

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$files = array();
$filenames = array();
foreach($_FILES as $name => $fileInfo)
    if($name != 'filename_form')
        $files[$name] = $fileInfo;
        $filenames[] = $name;
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I would change $val to $fileInfo probably and I would guess, that it is better not to compare strings with !==, just != would be enough. – Eugene May 4 '12 at 23:55
Those aren't bad suggestions and I put them in my post. – Zombaya May 4 '12 at 23:58

How about:

foreach ( $_FILES as $key => $value )
   if ( preg_match ( '/type2/', $key ) )
      // do something with the type2
   else if ( preg_match ( '/type1/', $key ) )
      // do something with these
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foreach ($_FILES as $key => $value) {
  $a = explode('_', $key);
  $defaultDir = 'myDefaultDirOrPathOrWhatever';
  if ($a[1] == 'type2') {
    $defaultDir = 'myOtherDirWhenMultipleFiles';
    $incrementPassed = $a[2];
  if (isset($incrementPassed)) unset($incrementPassed);
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Here is an alternate way

$keys = array_keys($thearray);
$filteredArray = array_filter($keys, 'fiterKeys');

function filterKeys($item) {
    if($item != 'valuetocheck') return true;
    else return false;
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$type1_files = array(); // Array of files of first type
$type2_files = array(); // Array of files of second type
$underfined_files = array(); // Array of files of unnormal type (who knows :-P)

foreach($_FILES as $name => $value){
    if($name == 'type1'){
        $type1_files[] = $value;
    elseif($name == 'type2'){
        $type2_files[] = $value;
        $undefined_files[] = $value;

After foreach you'll have your files devided into arrays, which you can process later as you wish

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$files = array();
foreach ($_FILES as $filename => $fileinfo) {
  if (strpos($filename, 'form') !== false) {
    $files[$name] = $fileinfo;


Fastest method I can think of, should be faster then any of the previous answers.

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