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In my case I would have a re-direct URL with a custom url schema like myapp://oauth

So first I would forward to my oauth login url and then I need to register an event handler for the location change to check if it matches my re-direct url.

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Yes, we have an example of how to handle oauth2

Using forge.tabs.openWithOptions, you can specify a url to open in a child browser, and a pattern to monitor for to trigger the child browser to close and return the parameters. So you can specify a redirect_url that will match that pattern.

Update: if you want to use Facebook for authentication we've now integrated the native Facebook SDK so you can do authentication with the forge.facebook module:

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Oh, I forgot the '*' at the end of the pattern. Now everything works fine. Thanks! – Sönke Rohde May 11 '12 at 21:40

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