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I have this preg_split to split the text after the punctuation marks.

$content = preg_split('/(?<=[!?.])./', $content);

Problem 1. Ineed a way to split the text but remove punctuation other that question mark.

How can I do this?

Problem 2. Is there a way to capitalize the words which have more than two letters? Right now I use CSS but text-transform: capitalize does it on every word, even 1 letter words and this makes it look funky on the page. This is why I am thinking of using php to do this.

Ty very much, Hope you can help!

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Problem 1:

If you need to split on every pontuation marks but can't replace on question mark, you need to do it in two steps, because preg_replace would replace your question mark too.

You should split first then replace(by "") after that.

Is your regex working as expected ? The first part (?<=) seems weird according to your problem. I guess just /!\?\\./ would do the trick.

Problem 2:

I would split your phrases using space then iterate over the resulting array(the words) then checking the size of each word, capitalizing it if it's size is bigger than 1.

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