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I have a databound DataGrid, and I want to have some kind of dummy rows to act as separators between various rows that I'm trying to somehow group together. However, even adding a new row by creating a new instance of the object (with no set-up, just calling an empty constructor) and adding it to the ObservableCollection seems to fill the cells that correspond to the int properties with 0.

Is there a way to have a dummy completely empty row or some other kind of separator in a databound WPF DataGrid? I would hate to have to go to an unbound one, adding everything manually to a dataset and everything. I've done this manually, I just don't want to have to go through that again.

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I'm assuming you have some sort of Group property on your source data

public class MyDataItem
     public string Group { get; set; }  // <-- assuming something like this exists

Make your DataGrid's ItemsSource be an ICollectionView and enable Grouping

Then you can style the resulting groups to look like empty spaces (see here for an example of how to style groups in the DataGrid)

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Great tutorial. Thanks for the link. I was just about to post I was thinking about a workaround with "row details" being constantly shown for some rows as a separator, but this will do. – Lefteris Aslanoglou May 5 '12 at 1:21

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