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I'm having trouble testing the following. When creating an object a status of "Pending" is assigned. The status is actually an active record association. So it looks like this

def object
  belongs_to :object_status

def object_status
  has_many :objects

  def self.pending

Then in the controller create it does this

@object = Object.new(params[:object])
@object.object_status = ObjectStatus.pending

In RSpec I want to test to make sure that the object has a status of pending so I'm doing this in my objects_controller_spec:

post :create, :object => @attr # I'm using pre-defined attributes
p = Object.last
p.object_status_id.should eq(Factory(:object_status_pending).id)

The RSpec test fails with the following (16 is the id of the Factory object): expected 16 got nil For some reason it isn't retrieving the value for the object_status_id. If I run through the code in my dev server the object in the database has the object_status_id set properly, so I know the code passes the test. I have multiple instances of this that I can't figure out.


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This was due to a lack of understanding regarding Factory_Girl. I wasn't actually creating the objects in the test database, only in fixtures.

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