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I have one jQuery code as,

<script type="text/javascript">
$.idleTimeout('#idletimeout', '#idletimeout a', {
  idleAfter: 3,
  pollingInterval: 2,
  keepAliveURL: 'keepalive.php',
  serverResponseEquals: 'OK',
  onTimeout: function(){
    window.location = "timeout.htm";
  onIdle: function(){
    $(this).slideDown(); // show the warning bar
  onCountdown: function( counter ){
    $(this).find("span").html( counter ); // update the counter
  onResume: function(){
    $(this).slideUp(); // hide the warning bar

Now if I call this, it's hiding the slider.

function loadXMLDoc(message)
$.get("test1.php?data="+message, function(result){

$('#idletimeout').slideUp(); // hide

Is there any way to call onResume function (on top) in loadXMLDoc function? Thanks.

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Actually I want to reset the timer/counter (which I am using from idletimeout plugin) –  Thompson May 5 '12 at 4:22

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Looking at the plug-in, it binds the resume function to the click handler of the second parameter that is passed in ('#idletimeout a' in your case). If you wanted to reset the timer manually, you should be able to just do:

$('#idletimeout a').click();

This will trigger the onResume function which will slide the div up and reset the timer.

For reference, I just took a look at the source code for the plug-in to see what was going on. You can see the relevant portion here. This is what happens when the resume element (the second parameter) is clicked on:

// bind continue link
this.resume.bind("click", function(e){

    win.clearInterval(self.countdown); // stop the countdown
    self.countdownOpen = false; // stop countdown
    self._startTimer(); // start up the timer again
    self._keepAlive( false ); // ping server
    options.onResume.call( self.warning ); // call the resume callback

If you just wanted to call it directly (and not have any of the internals of resetting the timer happen) you could do this as well:

var idlePlugin = $.idleTimeout('#idletimeout', '#idletimeout a', { ...


But keep in mind that this won't reset the timer, it will just call the onResume function directly. The only way to reset the timer is to call the click handler since that is where this functionality is defined.

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Yes you are right. I can do it on click. even this is the link to do so <a id="idletimeout-resume" href="#">Click here to continue using this web page</a> but, I want to call this in a function (on select-drop-down event), and not onclick. –  Thompson May 5 '12 at 4:36
I updated my answer, but it's not what you want. Wherever you want to call the onResume function, instead of trying to call onResume, you should call $('#idletimeout a').click(); to force a click event programmatically. Basically all that is, is a glorified function call since the default click handler action is being disabled within the plugin. –  Bill May 5 '12 at 4:43
Thanks a lot. It helped. and solved my problem too. –  Thompson May 5 '12 at 4:46
It works gr8. But how can I stop the timer manually? –  user1441638 Sep 10 '13 at 8:27

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