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I am trying to simulate the upper Macbook keys to any active app using

CGEventCreateKeyboardEvent (NULL, (CGKeyCode)keycode, true);
CGEventCreateKeyboardEvent (NULL, (CGKeyCode)keycode, false);

So far I found and sent the first 4 key's events succesfully:

keycode / Key

107 - Brightness Down
113 - Brightness Up
130 - Mission Control / Expose
160 - Dashboard / Launchpad
 ?? - Keyboard lit Down
 ?? - Keyboard lit Up
 ?? - Previous Track
 ?? - Play/Pause
 ?? - Next Track
 ?? - Mute
 ?? - Volume Down
 ?? - Volume Up
 ?? - Eject

But I can't find any of the other key codes. I even iterate through 1000 integer sending its numbers as events, no one seems to work =P

So, is there any way to simulate these events?

Thank you

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Media keys are not treated as normal keyboard events, for some reason. This post shows what the events look like.

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Thanks a lot for pointing me directions. After tweaking a bit, I worked! – Rodrigo May 7 '12 at 21:55

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