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Has anybody seen a resource covering specifically the use of machine vision for locating a human in a room, including cases where they may be partially obscured? I know about OpenCV and other machine vision packages, but I'm looking for a paper/library/code example that focuses solidly on identifying a human in a room; something that is readily integrated into code rather than being a rough idea that would require weeks or months of tweaking or enhancing to do a reasonable job of succeeding at the task. I'd prefer something that does not require binocular vision and can work with a single camera.

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First: you should read this about human detection. Then you can find/use opencv code implementing the training step of this kind of detector. You will need to access to a database for training like INRIA Person dataset.

Second: if you need to handle partial obstruction, you may need to implement a human body tracker that can handle this problem. Particle filter could do the work.

If you have problems with implementation feel free to ask more specific questions.

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