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I develop my rails applications at my local machine.

How can I easily show friends of mine the current state of the project? I have heard of tunnlr, but I am a poor student that looks for a free solution:-)

Best regards

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Do you mean the source or the output? – NickAtuShip Jun 25 '09 at 21:37


Deploying a free application is as simple as:

$ heroku create
$ git push heroku master

And you can scale up from there if you ever need to obviously as well.

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Heroku ( ) is great for quickly deploying a rails app (using git), and a developer account is free.

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Give them your IP address?

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Depending on how the machine is connected to the internet, the IP address may be dynamic. – Kathy Van Stone Jun 25 '09 at 20:05
And firewalled and you probably don't want to show everyone so you may also want to add some authentication. – srboisvert Jun 26 '09 at 10:16

I demo projects with crossloop from time to time.

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Just have a small Linux VmWare with rails + webserver. Then use capistrano or any other tool to push changes to it. Copy VM with VmWare Player to a flash drive, give it to a friend and you are done ;-)

Of course it works for "local" friends.

In fact there are <100Mb linux distros so you can upload it to rapishare or any other free file hostings.

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Free hosting service for rails is now provided @

Step 1: Create an account in

Step 2 : Create a new rails application

Step 3 : Edit your project settings and export your project and migrate your migration files

Step 4 . Url of your application will be " "

Step 5 : Share this link to show your local rails projects to your friends

Good luck !!!

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I just used , which looks like it's free (didn't even have to sign up for anything). Also heard of , which seems to have a free option.

share|improve this answer has a free plan - its great if you use GIT

share|improve this answer is extremely convenient and easy to use.

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