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On doing git diff --stat some files are listed with full path from repository base but some files are listed as:


That is the path starts with ... and only short path is shown.

I would like git diff to list full file path for all files for it to be easily processed by a script. Is there some way I can get git diff to always show full path

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The git diff command takes optional values for --stat:

       Generate a diffstat. You can override the default output width for
       80-column terminal by --stat=<width>. The width of the filename
       part can be controlled by giving another width to it separated by a
       comma. By giving a third parameter <count>, you can limit the
       output to the first <count> lines, followed by ...  if there are

       These parameters can also be set individually with
       --stat-width=<width>, --stat-name-width=<name-width> and

(For scripting you might want to use git diff-tree directly since it's more of a "plumbing" command, although I suspect you'll be fine either way. Note that you need the same extra text with --stat when using git diff-tree.)

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Thank you for helping resolve the issue –  Badri May 5 '12 at 9:43
git diff --numstat is the same as diff-tree –  Casey Sep 21 '12 at 20:44
Note that to limit the width of the last part (+++/---) you can use a separate --stat-graph-width=... switch. Note also that setting high --stat-graph-width= and --stat-name-width= is not enough, you must also set --stat-width= big enough to cover the two. –  jakub.g Apr 22 '14 at 14:22
@jakub.g: good point. Based on a bit of digging in the git source, this went in with git 1.7.10. –  torek Apr 22 '14 at 19:29
Is there any way to globalize this? Typing it every time is crazy. –  Rudie Mar 13 at 13:06

For Bash users, you can use the $COLUMNS variable to automatically fill the available terminal width:

git diff --stat=$COLUMNS

Very long path names might still be truncated; in this case, you can reduce the width of the +++/--- part using --stat-graph-width, for example this limits it to 1/5 of the terminal width:

git show --stat=$COLUMNS --stat-graph-width=$(($COLUMNS/5))

For a more generic solution, you could use the output of tput cols to determine the terminal width.

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Is there any way to globalize --stat=$COLUMNS,$COLUMNS? Typing it every time is crazy. –  Rudie Mar 13 at 13:06

I found that the behaviour of diff --stat changed somewhere around git 1.7.10 where previously it would shorten file paths to a fixed width by default - it now displays as much as your terminal window will allow. If you are experiencing this problem, make sure you upgrade to 1.8.0 or newer.

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For script processing, it might be better to use one of the following:

# list just the file names
git diff --name-only

# list the names and change statuses:
git diff --name-status
M       path/to/modified/file
R100    path/to/existing/file   path/to/renamed/file

# list a diffstat-like output (+ed lines, -ed lines, file name):
git diff --numstat
1       0       path/to/modified/file
0       0       path/to/{existing => renamed}/file

These each become more handy for robust script processing when combined with the -z option, which uses NUL as the field terminators.

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