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I am trying to write a code color tracking for mouse control.I am using OS X / X Code / OpenCV. Color tracking process is working good.After that i want to use a function as controlling to mouse cursor,move ,click, right click etc.I am planing to make a multi touch project.I need to control to mouse events.This code finds x and y coordinate and drawing a line.How can i use mouse control functions.i couldn't put code here i am sorry..

here is code link http://aishack.in/tutorials/tracking-colored-objects-in-opencv/

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Is your question how to control mouse position by programming? If yes, please edit and clarify your question. I would use xdotool, on OSX you can install it using MacPorts. It's a command tool, so you can try some command first in the terminal like xdotool mousemove 100 200 move the mouse cursor to x=100 and y=200. All you need to do then is send form these commands and send to terminal from whatever programming language you use.

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