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I'm unable to figure out myself or find a proper example on how to perform live updates in jqPlot in a similar way as shown in this highcharts example.

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+1 I like what you are trying to achieve. Do you already have some code? Could you share it at – Boro May 5 '12 at 12:48
I posted an example on jsFiddle in my original post. – materialdreams May 5 '12 at 17:40
Yes I have noticed the example. Though in my previous comment I was referring to the code you wrote for jqPlot so we can start working from what you did with jqPlot. – Boro May 7 '12 at 11:09 - great answer with test :) – Jacob Sobus Sep 26 '14 at 6:45
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Based on this I prepared this jsFiddle example: where a chart is updated each second with random data. Hope it helps.

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this doesn't work anymore. – uesports135 Apr 30 '15 at 15:17
@uesports135 I just tried it and it works, could you try again please? – Fracu Oct 7 '15 at 12:27
Not working for me. – nomad Nov 22 '15 at 19:07

I added an example on JSFiddle which reproduces the example you linked.

I've tried to keep the topic as more general as possible. If you need more explanation read this article about that.

var plot1 = $.jqplot('myChart', [data], options);
plot1.series[0].data = data; // update the graph
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var plot1;

function updatePlot(data){
plot1 = $.jqplot('myChart', [data], options);

function reDrawPlot(data){`

initialize plot
plot1 = $.jqplot('myChart', [data], options);

call function reDrawPlot with the new data as a parameter
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