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is there a way to display a facebook like box similar to the google plus one? Please have a look at www.dadabik.org, right top corner: I would like to have a facebook button similar to the g+ one, with the number of likes. Furthermore, the link should bring the user to the facebook page and not immediately "like" the item.

Thanks a lot in advance.



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It will be better if you use api to get your likes and then designing what you want. OR if you access this URL http://graph.facebook.com/bhavitk.in will give you json data then you can parse it to get your likes

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Thanks for the answer, so there isn't any ready to use likebox like that one? A couple of questions: 1) If I use the graph, where can I get the official icons to build the box as the g+ ones? 2) I didn't get the second part of your answer, after facebook.com/ I am supposed to put the name of the page? With graph.facebook.com/DaDaBIK or graph.facebook.com/DaDaBIK/154757317877584 it doesn't work –  Eugenio May 5 '12 at 10:04

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