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In an asp.net web application - without writing a mobile specific site, is there anyway of stopping double tapping on an iPhone, from zooming? The default behaviour should be to produce a postback (and is on my Android, and in normal web browsers) - but the iPhone appears to take this as a zoom command.

So my query is, how do I get the iPhone/iPad to recognise that I actually want to do a postback?

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See this SO thread to prevent zooming - keyphrase "prevent" as in globally on your site. –  EdSF May 5 '12 at 15:49

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if anyone is interested, my specific issue was, I had a popup on each cell of a grid (onmouseover...) - however, to start the postback, you have to actually click on a cell in the the grid, rather than hover over it. However, "hovering" on an iPhone is basically "clicking" on everything else - so when people were clicking, all that was happening, was the popup was showing again, and no postback was carried out - meaning people could not progress.

Solution was to detect for iPhone/Pad/Touch, and not output the "onmouseover" if those devices were detected - then the underlying click was available, and would do as designed.

Code to check for iPhone etc:

 Dim iphone as Boolean = False
    Dim userAgent = HttpContext.Current.Request.UserAgent.ToLower()
    ' iPhone is there
    If userAgent.Contains("iphone") Then
        iphone = True
    ElseIf userAgent.Contains("ipad") Then
        iphone = True
    ElseIf userAgent.Contains("itouch") Then
        iphone = True
    End If

Hope this helps anyone else with this specific issue,

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