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The documentation says, that

onStartSession should be called from within the onStart method of the activity in question.

How can I logEvents() from onCreate() method in this case? Will library works fine if I'll put onStartSession() to onCreate() method or there is another way for resolving my question?


Inside onCreate() I am starting AsyncTask with web-request to the server so in onPreExecute() I want to put FlurryAgent.logEvent.

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create a queue of events for anything that happens before onStartSession is called. As soon as that is called, loop through your queue and call all of the logging. –  whizzle Aug 15 at 4:58

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I don't recommend calling FlurryAgent.onStartSession() from onCreate(), due to the nature of the Activity lifecycle. If a user were to navigate away from an Activity for a while (take a call, text message, etc) and then return, onStart() will be called but not onCreate(). If don't call onStartSession() from onStart(), you wouldn't be tracking this new session, and you might run into errors with events that occur inside your Activity.

What's the nature of the events you want to track inside onCreate()? Usually you want to set up the UI and any other components of the Activity in this method but there won't be user interaction at this point, so I would think you could track the state of the Activity after onStart() without a lot of refactoring.

(disclaimer: I work on the Android SDK at Flurry)

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I've edited my question about what I am going to track. –  Svyatoslav May 15 '12 at 13:26
@spacemanaki could you suggest an alternative? –  Guy Nov 24 '12 at 16:58

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