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Hello World :)

I'm trying to write MIXINS for BOX-SHADOW property using SASS like code below.

@mixin simpleBoxShadow ($inset, $xoffset, $yoffset, $blur, $spread, $color ) {
    -webkit-box-shadow: $inset $xoffset $yoffset $blur $spread $color;
            box-shadow: $inset $xoffset $yoffset $blur $spread $color;

And I'm stucked with INSET value. Sometimes it should be INSET, sometimes just void. What should I write when I'm using this MIXIN?

@include simpleBoxShadow ( -what's there?- , 10px, 10px, 10px, 10px, #000000 );

Or how can I do it another way?

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Okey, this will be like that: @mixin simpleBoxShadow ($string ) { -webkit-box-shadow: $string; box-shadow: $string; ... } –  Cypher May 6 '12 at 10:14

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Those space-separated values are considered lists in SASS. You can use the join() function to join lists together. So one approach would be to do something like this:

@mixin simpleBoxShadow ( $xoffset, $yoffset, $blur, $spread, $color, $inset: false ) {
    $shadow: $xoffset $yoffset $blur $spread $color;

    @if ($inset) {
        $shadow: join(inset, $shadow, space);

    -webkit-box-shadow: $shadow;
            box-shadow: $shadow;

Then you can use your mixin like this:

// with inset
@include simpleBoxShadow( $inset: true, 10px, 10px, 10px, 10px, #000000 );
// without inset
@include simpleBoxShadow( 10px, 10px, 10px, 10px, #000000 );

UPDATE: you might also want to consider using Compass - it's a framework built on top of SASS that provides lots of convenience functions and mixins, including some for box-shadow.

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Thanx hopper. I need to learn SASS more :) –  Cypher Jul 29 '12 at 13:10

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