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I have overwritten sessions controller and registrations controller of devise and have given custom paths. I have been doing this in past few projects and it was working fine, I don't know why I am getting this error now.

Here are the routes :-

devise_for :users, :controllers => {:sessions =>
"sessions", :passwords => "passwords", :registrations =>
"registrations"} do
   get "signup", :to => "registrations#new"
   get "login", :to => "sessions#new"
   post "login", :to => "sessions#new"
   get "logout", :to => "devise/sessions#destroy"

These routes have worked before, can someone help?

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Can also be caused by incorrect file name of session_controller.rb

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It was a really stupid mistake on my part, I misspelled sessions_controller while overriding sessions_controller.

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