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This is probably a dumb question but here goes...

I'm planning on writing an iphone app that connects to a server to download information.

My question is, if the app is only bought by e.g. 10 people do I have to be continue to support it via the server, updating the information, etc. ?

In other words, if the app fails, will I be burdened with supporting the app for X amount of years, or can I just write it off and pretend it never happened?

Thanks for your advice!

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When writing apps, always assume that your users are violent psychopathic axe murderers who know where you live. –  Cody Gray May 5 '12 at 11:45
Id agree with moxy that this is more of a business question. In which case, ensure that in your user agreement it states something along the lines of "Online services may end with 60 days notice etc...". I think that should do it. Even Nokia, Apple etc.. phase out old services that didnt really work or are superseeded by giving a few emails before flicking the switch on the servers. –  Dermot Sep 3 '12 at 2:32

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Is it really the good question ?

Wouldn't it be :

  • is my app useful? Can I make my customers happy on the long run ?

  • who are my potential buyers? how many of them would be ready to buy my app? how much are they ready to spend? How can I contact them (advertisement)? etc.

  • how much time do I have to spend on it to make it worth? How much time do I have to spend to maintain it (including future OS version)? What would be the cost of the external server (homemade, rental, etc.)

  • how much money do I need to launch it.


In a few words make a business plan

Your business plan doesn't necessarily need to make 100 pages to build an app but it has in it very good question everyone should ask to see if making the app worth the work (except if you're making an app for learning purpose, fun or whatever).

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