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It was supposed to be released with Java 7, but the status is Dormant. On the other hand, the same page says

Use generics in the JMX API, for example have MBeanServer.queryNames return Set<ObjectName> rather than just Set.

and this did happen in Java 6. So, did some of the changes get in? Are there significant differences between Java 6 and Java 7 JMX implementations? Looking at Javadocs, I didn't notice any, but this only covers the API.

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I asked this question also to the current product manager for JMX at Oracle, Tuva Palm some times ago (September 2011), and she promised me, that JMX 2.0 is not dead and there will be a technical roadmap in Q1/2012.

However, nothing have happened until now and even worse, JSR-255, the JMX 2.0 spec (but also JSR-262, ther WebService connector stuff) has been marked as dormant as you already mentioned:

Dormant: A JSR Status label indicating that no work is underway on the specification development project, either because there is no Lead or because the Executive Committee voted to remove it from the list of active JSRs after a long period of inactivity.

So the future of JMX 2.0 is more than uncertain.

It seems, that Staffan Larsen is the new JMX spec lead, so I will ask him, too (and let you know the answer).

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Staffan Larsen wrote me, that JMX 2.0 won't be in Java 8 either ;-(. Next chance: Java 9 (late 2015). – Roland Huß Dec 4 '12 at 10:14
BTW, Jaroslav Bachorík will be leading the Effort for reviving JMX 2.0 , according to Staffan Larsen. – Roland Huß Dec 4 '12 at 10:24
We can ask if JMX 2.0 is dead, but even if it's not "dead", we can ask if anyone will use it. e.g. JSR 373: JavaTM EE Management API 2.0 is considering making JMX server management "Proposed Optional" on Java EE servers vs. a REST management API (JMX would still be available, just not used to manage the server). – DavidS Mar 11 at 22:41

Apparently, it was postponed to JDK 8, and all already made changes reverted, so JDK 7 final implementation should be the same as JDK 6.

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