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I am using the following code to submit the UTC_TIMESTAMP to a MySQL database:

$logq = "INSERT INTO logs (Name, Page, Date) VALUES ('$user', '$page', UTC_TIMESTAMP())";

I am in the UK and the time is currently one hour ahead of the UTC_TIMESTAMP, so I would like to add one hour to the values entered, but I'm not sure how to do this. I tried a couple of suggestions found on Stack Overflow, but both don't work. Could someone let me know how to do this correctly? Also, I am not sure how to handle daylight saving time. Is there a way of accounting for this automatically?



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Thanks, that's works fine. Do you know how UTC handles daylight saving time in the UK? –  Nick May 5 '12 at 13:17

The mysql datatype TIMESTAMP is always UTC no matter where are. You have a function FROM_UNIXTIME which converts timestamp internally into standard YYYY-MM-DD HH:SS format. When using the function FROM_UNIXTIME it will convert that UTC to your local timezone automatically. So you won't need to adjust times and accounting will always be good no matter your daylight status.

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After you created a connection to the database in PHP, query this code before any query:

mysql_query("SET time_zone = '+3:00'");

I did not tried it but it should do the trick.

Some links about this:

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Please use ADDDATE function of mysql, using this you can add Hour/Month/Day in any date.


Please look the url given below belongs to mysql date time function



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