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Case :

I'm creating a desktop application with VB.NET (Windows Forms), and using SQL Server 2008 Express for its database.

Problem :

I want to create a client-server application, it means I just need 1 database on the server.

I have a computer and a laptop. I set my laptop's IP to and my computer's IP to

Now I place the database on my computer, the database name is db_transportasi.

Problem is, how to connect my computer's database from my laptop?

Specification :

I'm using this string below for my connection :

Data Source=ARVID-THEODORUS\SQLEXPRESS;Initial Catalog=DB_TRANSPORTASI;Integrated Security=True

I already setup my SQL Configuration Manager, enabled the TCP/IP, switch to the IP Addresses tab and set the IPAII Port Properties to 2301

I turned off my firewall so I don't have to set any exception.

Here is the SQL Server SS :

SQL Server First Connect

Question :

  1. How to connect to my computer's database from my laptop?

  2. Could you show me the example for my laptop VB.NET Connection String?

Thanks before.

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try this link:

connection string:

"Network Library=DBMSSOCN; Data,1433;" & _
"Initial Catalog=mySQLServerDBName; User ID=myUsername;" & _
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Thanks, i just need one step ahead. Create a user in sqlserver 2008 and grant control – Arvid Theodorus May 6 '12 at 4:19

There you go:

"Server=,1433;Initial Catalog=DB_TRANSPORTASI;Integrated Security=True" is a good resource for connection strings for many different databases.

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Try this page. A whole list of different ways.

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Ensure that you start up the "SQL Server Browser" service in SQL server configuration manager.

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