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I've recently run into some trouble in a Web app I'm developing. In this Web app I allow users to upload pictures and I need to check -to a certain extent- that the pictures they upload were taken from their own cameras, webcams, mobile devices, etc. If I can't guarantee that the image being uploaded "belongs" to the user (e.g. was downloaded from somewhere on the internet, made in Paint, etc.) the file is discarded, otherwise it is stored.

I know any method to implement this will be highly inaccurate and will produce many false positives -or negatives- and that there is no bulletproof solution, but I'm just looking for a tentative way to do it.

So far I've thought of

  • checking if the picture has Exif data present and if so, if it's date is relatively recent, store it

  • providing the option to take "snapshots" from the user's webcam like Facebook does for the profile picture

Are there any other ways to do this?

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