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I have a 3rd party dll that I am including in a C# WPF project with Dllimport directives. I have a static c# function that they call as a callback when a certain hardware event occurs.

I would like to accomplish what an old school PostMessage would accomplish. Just notify my mainwindow that the callback occurred. I know I could just get my window and cast and call the mainwindow's function directly but that seems a little flaky. I like the old async PostMessage pattern. Perhaps my question is more about loosely coupling a couple of components in the app.

Should I just invoke a command?

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You should look at using loosely coupled events as you suggest. Some useful starting points are

which all do similar pub-sub messaging.

I suspect your callback will be on another thread so you'll probably need to use Dispatcher.Invoke to marshal the call to your UI thread.

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