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I would like to use vintage.js with shadowbox.js !

<a rel="shadowbox" href="large.jpg"><img src="small.jpg" /></a>

and the script

$(document).ready(function(){Shadowbox.init({ onFinish: function () { $('img').vintage({noise: 20}); } }); }); 

Shadowbox works fine but not the vintage apply to the image !

$ is not a function
[Break On This Error]   
onFinish: function () { $('img').vintage({noise: 20}); }

Thanks for your help...

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Shadowbox creates a copy of the per link-element when it's using any of it's players.

To use your vintageJS effects with the Shadowbox img Player, Shadowbox provides an ID named sb-player that you can use as the appropriate selector for any of it's players.

Change $('img') to $('#sb-player') to then allow your HTML5 FX to be applied to the image in the opened Shadowbox.

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