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Yesterday someone told me that Geoalchemy was a good choice to support spatial extensions if I want to use Sqlalchemy. It really did good. Thanks for him a lot.

But I have not found a convenient way to create spatial index with Geoalchemy. Must I run this SQL directly?

CREATE SPATIAL INDEX sp_index ON my_class (

Is there a convenient way to do it without directly writing the SQL?


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When creating a table with table.create() GeoAlchemy will automatically create an index for the geometry column.

Also, SQLAlchemy Index instances have a create method. See the "Indexes" section in http://docs.sqlalchemy.org/en/rel_0_7/core/schema.html#metadata-constraints. I'm not sure if you'll be able to create a spatial index in MySQL with that but it's worth a try.

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It seems that the index wasn't created automatically. Would you please give a detailed example? –  flypen May 7 '12 at 10:14

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