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I'm using WiX for preparing installer of my application. I create two installers, each one in different language (English and Polish). For preparing application in English I use command like:

light.exe -ext WixUIExtension -cultures:en-us -loc registration.en-us.wxl -out myapp-pl.msi myapp.wixobj registration.wixobj

When I test this application on Polish XP Windows virtual machine everything is in English (which is what I wanted to achieve), except for baloon help that is shown when you try to write non-digit characters in MaskedEdit field. Field is defined in registration.wxs:

<Control Id="PowerMaxEdit" Type="MaskedEdit" X="105" Y="120" Width="85" Height="16" Property="POWERMAX" Text="######.####"/>

This baloon help information is written in Polish. I believe the language of this message depends on the operating system language, so on English system it would be shown in English. However I'd like it to be shown always in English, as the rest of the English version installer. I don't feel well with leaving it as it is. I can imagine the situation when someone has a system in different language but are happy that they can use installer of their mother tongue and then they encounter this defect and think my work is sloppy.

Is there a way to localise this message? I was wondering if I can change some WiX variable from wxs file depending on the language chosen - something like:

<Property Id="BALOONMSG">!(loc.registrationDlg_BaloonMsg)</Property>

I was trying to find something in WiX source code but failed.

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