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I'm having an issue with C++ templates. Here is an explanation of what I am attempting to do, so that everyone can have a better understanding of my problem.

My framework has a base class, Component, and users of my framework will derive Component to create concrete Components such as TransformComponent and AudioComponent. A ComponentComposite stores a list of all the concrete Components that a given user has created.

I am attempting to store a list of the concrete Components via boost::any and boost::any_casts.

Below are two methods in ComponentComposite and my list of boost::any.

    class ComponentComposite {

            template<class T> bool addComponent(T* component);
            template<class T> T* getComponent();

            QList<boost::any*>* m_components;

This is example code of a GameObject, which is a ComponentComposite. I am trying to add two Components to the GameObject, and I am then trying to access the two Components that were added. Doing such will be common use-cases for ComponentComposite.

    GameObject::GameObject() : ComponentComposite()
        addComponent<Components::AudioComponent>(new Components::AudioComponent());
        addComponent<Components::TransformComponent>(new Components::TransformComponent());
        Components::TransformComponent* transform= getComponent<Components::TransformComponent>();
        Components::AudioComponent* audio= getComponent<Components::AudioComponent>();

Doing this proceeds to throw four errors (one for each function call):

  1. ...undefined reference to `bool BalaurEngine::Composites::ComponentComposite::addComponent<BalaurEngine::Components::AudioComponent>(BalaurEngine::Components::AudioComponent*)'
  2. ...undefined reference to `bool BalaurEngine::Composites::ComponentComposite::addComponent<BalaurEngine::Components::TransformComponent>(BalaurEngine::Components::TransformComponent*)'
  3. ...undefined reference to `BalaurEngine::Components::TransformComponent* BalaurEngine::Composites::ComponentComposite::getComponent<BalaurEngine::Components::TransformComponent>()'
  4. ...undefined reference to `BalaurEngine::Components::AudioComponent* BalaurEngine::Composites::ComponentComposite::getComponent<BalaurEngine::Components::AudioComponent>()'

If anyone would like, I can post the source code for my methods template<class T> bool addComponent(T* component); and template<class T> T* getComponent();

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Are your templated methods defined in the header? –  Dave May 5 '12 at 14:41
Dave, I am confused as to what you are asking. The code I supplied for ComponentComposite is a snipped of my header. The code I supplied for GameObject is simply an example constructor –  Alex May 5 '12 at 14:50
Since all your concrete component classes derive from Component, why use boost::any? Why not just use a list of pointer-to-Component, and use dynamic_cast<> to look up components by type in ComponentComposite::getComponent()? –  j_random_hacker May 7 '12 at 3:33
C++'s dynamic_cast<> requires the class to be polymorphic. Component does not have any virtual methods and is thus not polymorphic. Unless I am misunderstanding dynamic_cast<>, I don't think that solution will work. –  Alex May 8 '12 at 4:06

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This has now been answered - see the last comment:

@Mutmansky, I was unaware that the implemented templated function in C++ needs to be in the header, along with the definition of the templated function. After I did this, as per Scott Langham's advice, the compiler error vanished. If you would like to see the source code for the file, I'd gladly post it here/message it to you. Let me know!

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