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Is it possible to run JavaApplet when you press a button , or when you click on the image on the webpage?

Maybe you guys can share any example, related html/jscript/jquery?

What is wrong with my code at this point?

        function openApplet(){ 
        var attributes = {codebase:'.', 
        WIDTH=500, HEIGHT=300} ; 
        <applet id="myapplet" 
         WIDTH=500 HEIGHT=300 
        <input value="Applet_on_Click" onclick="openApplet()" type="button"> 

I'm just looking for very simple solution. Click on the image , applet shows up, click on the different image , another applet will show up. Or maybe these things can happen when we press a button too?


Thank you slowpoison for the information!

But I'm missing something.

There is my original code now:

This is working just with pure html. But there is no action when you click on the button. If I disable this row "style="visibility:hidden" , applet will show up without a click.

I wan't to show applet just after the button click. :(

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What does the applet do? –  Andrew Thompson May 5 '12 at 15:48

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You should add the applet tag to the document in the onclick handler.

var applet = document.createElement("applet");
// fill in various attributes for applet
// ...

// "install" the applet
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