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I may have done this already... and I might just be missing something simple, but essentially I just want to be able to do this...

public ActionResult ContinueProcess(Model m, int id){


I just want to pass the model and another parameter at the same time. Any thoughts? Thanks!

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I would certainly create a ViewModel to handle this

public class ContinueProcessViewModel
   public int ID { set;get;}
   public Model ContinueProcess { set;get;}

Return this ViewModel in your get action method'

public ActionResult ContinueProcess(int id)
  ContinueProcessViewModel objVM=new ContinueProcessViewModel();
  return View(objVM);

And in your View, Have a HTMLelement(textbox/hidden) to hold the value of this


Now you should be able to acceess this in your httppost action method

public ActionResult ConitnueProcess(ContineProcessViewModel objVM)
  //Check objVm.ID here
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Sorry... I should have explained more... the method I listed is a httpPost method... and I already have a view model in the view... it's coming back... but I want another parameter to (which is in the model already actually)... or I just need to be able to set the model with jquery in the view so that when it comes back it's already there –  mapleafman May 5 '12 at 19:46
I found what I was looking for here stackoverflow.com/questions/7795742/… I guess I was asking the wrong question. This answers something else I needed to see though. Thanks! –  mapleafman May 5 '12 at 20:08
if you have a chance do you think you could answer this? stackoverflow.com/questions/10465882/… thanks –  mapleafman May 5 '12 at 20:49

Either with a ViewModel

public class MyViewModel {
    public Model MyModel {get;set;}
    public int ParameterId {get;set;}

used as Model of your View,

or with a ViewBag

ViewBag.ParameterId= id;
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Sorry... I explained below that I have a model already etc (sorry should have explained this more in the first place)... my problem is that I'm giving this view a model, and it's coming back, but one of the properties in the model I've set in the first method in the controller (that returns the view) doesn't get returned for whatever reason from the view. –  mapleafman May 5 '12 at 19:50

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