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Auto layout in Lion should make it fairly simple to let a text field (and hence a label) grow with text it holds.

The text field is set to wrap in Interface Builder.

What is a simple and reliable way to do this?

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The method intrinsicContentSize in NSView returns what the view itself thinks of as its intrinsic content size.

NSTextField calculates this without considering the wraps property of its cell, so it will report the dimensions of the text if laid out in on a single line.

Hence, a custom subclass of NSTextField can override this method to return a better value, such as the one provided by the cell's cellSizeForBounds: method:

    if ( ![self.cell wraps] ) {
        return [super intrinsicContentSize];

    NSRect frame = [self frame];

    CGFloat width = frame.size.width;

    // Make the frame very high, while keeping the width
    frame.size.height = CGFLOAT_MAX;

    // Calculate new height within the frame
    // with practically infinite height.
    CGFloat height = [self.cell cellSizeForBounds: frame].height;

    return NSMakeSize(width, height);
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This exactly matches what I am seeing. Just to clarify, this ignoring of the 'wraps' property on the cell appears to be a bug in Lion which has been fixed in Mountain Lion. So, if you are targeting Lion and above you will see different results in the 2 OSes until you apply the bugfix to bring Lion up to speed. –  Scott Roth Oct 27 '12 at 14:30
Yes, this is a bug in Lion. I really wish Apple would fix these issues in both OS X 10.7 && 10.8. In my implementation, I do some more checks for special cases (e.g. If it is Lion || If language is not English) and I set my height a little different. Nevertheless, what Monolo posted is a good start. –  Arvin Nov 12 '12 at 14:52
The intrinsicContentSize: method is not called when you change the text in it by setStringValue:. –  ideawu Jan 11 at 6:02
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