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Recently I installed Eclipse Indigo Service Release 2(for JAVA EE) and installed CDT 8 online.Then I installed Cygwin with gcc,g++,gdb,make,binutils,automake,etc at the latest version.I had also made the environment variable PATH correct.

Making a new C++ project(using Cygwin GCC toolchain) is just fine,but after typing a HelloWorld program,it shows lots of errors and warings.

When using external builder,in error it shows

"Cannot run program "make": ?????????¨?".

When using internal builder,in conclose it shows

"g++ -IC:\cygwin\lib\gcc\i686-pc-cygwin\4.5.3\include\c++ -O0 -g3 -Wall -c -fmessage-length=0 -o src\test_cpp.o ..\src\test_cpp.cpp

Error: Cannot run program "g++": ?????????¨?

Build error occurred, build is stopped

In both Windows CMD and Cygwin Terminal,g++ and make both work well.

What's more,Eclipse can't find the including libraries,so I have to add the path C:\cygwin\lib\gcc\i686-pc-cygwin\4.5.3\include\c++ to the project properties->C/C++ Building->Settings.But after that, in error,it still shows,

'std' is ambiguous '

Invalid overload of 'endl'

Symbol 'cout' could not be resolved

In project properties->C/C++ Building->Discovery Options,I set the Discovery Profile scope as Configeration-wide and Discovery profile as GCC per file scanner info profile.

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When you created new project did you select cygwin toolchain? –  dbrank0 May 5 '12 at 19:12
Yes,but it still doesn't work. –  user1377046 May 8 '12 at 10:44

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You have to setup a Cygwin toolchain, first of all install Cygwin with the following packages :


Add %cygwin%\bin to your PATH environment variable, then open Eclipse and Cygwin toolchain will be shown when you open a new c/cpp project wizard.

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I had similar error and what worked for me is below: In the settings: 'Project|Properties|C/C++ General|Indexer', I unchecked 'Allow heuristic resolutions of includes' and saved the settings. After rebuilding, all my errors like ''std' is ambiguous ...' disappeared.

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Have you checcked which Binary parser are you using?

Right click on your project, Properties, C/C++ Build, Settings, Binary Parsers tab, select PE Windows Parser if you are using Windows OS or Elf Parser for Linux OS.

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