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What can be done to know users' mail storage size, how much free space is available and how much total space is available, using javax.mail or any related library of Java?

I get the information about messages by using javax.mail api.

Message message = new MimeMessage(session);
folder1 = store.getDefaultFolder();
folder1 = folder1.getFolder(boxType);
System.out.println("folder found :" 
                  + folder1.exists() 
                  + "folder name is " 
                  + folder1.getFullName());
messages = folder1.getMessages();
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You should use store which implements QuotaAwareStore interface, such as IMAPSSLStore or IMAPStore. Call "getQuota" on such store and on each Quota object check array of "resources". Each Quota.Resource contains "limit" and "usage" values.

    Properties prop = System.getProperties();

    String host = "imap.gmail.com";
    String username = "user@google.com";
    String password = "some-password";

    prop.setProperty("mail.imap.socketFactory.class", "javax.net.ssl.SSLSocketFactory");
    prop.setProperty("mail.imap.host", host);
    prop.setProperty("mail.imap.port", "993");
    prop.setProperty("mail.imap.starttls.enable", "true");
    prop.setProperty("mail.imap.socketFactory.fallback", "false");
    prop.setProperty("mail.debug", "true");

    Session ses = Session.getInstance(prop, null);
    Store store = ses.getStore("imap");
    store.connect(host, username, password);

    if (!IMAPStore.class.isInstance(store))
        throw new IllegalStateException("Is not IMAPStore");

    IMAPStore imapStore = (IMAPStore) store;
    Quota[] quotas = imapStore.getQuota("INBOX");

    for (Quota quota : quotas) {
        System.out.println(String.format("quotaRoot:'%s'", quota.quotaRoot));

        for (Quota.Resource resource : quota.resources) {
            System.out.println(String.format("name:'%s', limit:'%s', usage:'%s'",
                    resource.name, resource.limit, resource.usage));

Output in console for my account:

name:'STORAGE', limit:'10486380', usage:'1564'

And another example in attempt to find correlation between quota and folder size:
IMAP quota and folder size big example

Summary, based on JavaMail JavaDoc and results from big example on GMail:

  • Several Folder's could have same Quota object. GMail, for example, have only one Quota shared between all folders.
  • Folder is logical entity (not like folder on file system). For example, GMail have folder [Gmail]/All Mail which contains messages from other folders.
  • limit and usage values returned for Quota by GMail measured in kilobytes.

So if you need to show how much space left you should use Quota. And if you need to display grid with messages and sorting by size you should use folder.getMessages() and message.getSize().

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can you give any example how to use the QuoteAwareStore, IMAPSSLStore and IMAPStore to get mail usage –  sunil May 8 '12 at 13:22
Here is example. Tested on Gmail account. –  Vadim Ponomarev May 8 '12 at 20:20
Hi it helped me a lot. I am having one doubt is usage size consists of all the folders of account mails, the account may consists of custom folder like "abc" , "Boxbe Waiting List" and spam..etc, i want to know how many folders are available which contains mails and their respective size's. –  sunil May 9 '12 at 10:01
Added another example and summary. –  Vadim Ponomarev May 9 '12 at 13:39
By using above example am getting limit is correct where as for usage am not getting the correct size. for eg: i should get this 23.4 of 1024MB used. instead of this am getting 4 of 1024MB –  sunil May 9 '12 at 13:54

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