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How do I enable exact match from start of string using jquery autocomplete with input from simple array?

If i have the following in an array:

  • smart
  • oversmart
  • smartland
  • undersmart
  • verysmart

And if I am typing "sma..." in the text input, i must be shown only smart and smartland, not the others.

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possible duplicate of jQuery Autocomplete plug-in search configuration – j08691 May 5 '12 at 17:18
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You just need to modify source parameter as a function to suit your needs. Like this:

Update: Adding code to answer:

var acList = ['smart', 'oversmart', 'smartland', 'undersmart', 'verysmart'];
    source: function (request, response) {
        var matches = $.map(acList, function (acItem) {
            if (acItem.toUpperCase().indexOf(request.term.toUpperCase()) === 0) {
                return acItem;
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Awesome...that works like a charm,exactly what i was looking for with jquery autocomplete - thanks! – Vijai Krishna May 6 '12 at 2:19

You can use regular expressions to match the entered substring with the values in the array you have.

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JQuery has way too many plug-ins. Just sprinkle a little regEx on it and write something like this (I didn't test it but I've done similar stuff before):

$('#someTextInput').keyup( function(){
    var regExMatch = new RegEx( '^' + $(this).val() );
    $_LIs = $('#someUl li');
    $_LIs.each( function(){
        if( this.innerText.match(regExMatch) ) { $(this).show(); }
    } );
} );

You can remove the '^' + in the new RegEx parameters to restore the behavior you're describing as problematic. '^' signifies beginning of a line/string selection so 's' won't match unless it's at the start.

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Erik - thank you, i will keep this in mind and tweak to see how it fits inside an autcomplete... – Vijai Krishna May 6 '12 at 2:20

This has changed since the previous answer was accepted. There is now a lookupFilter option to do this and it is much simpler. From, just add this to your list of options:

lookupFilter: function (suggestion, originalQuery, queryLowerCase) {
                return suggestion.value.toLowerCase().indexOf(queryLowerCase) === 0;
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