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How to intergrate http://thedersen.github.com/backbone.validation/ with brunch.io i tried putting backbone.validation.js in vendor folder and

View = require './view'
template = require './templates/home'
User = require 'models/user'

module.exports = class HomeView extends View
 id: 'home-view'
 template: template

initialize: ->


 @user = new User

 console.log @user


Gives error Uncaught TypeError: Object # has no method 'validate'

then i also tried

# The application bootstrapper.
Application =
 initialize: ->
HomeView = require 'views/home_view'
Router = require 'lib/router'
User  = require 'models/user'
# Ideally, initialized classes should be kept in controllers & mediator.
# If you're making big webapp, here's more sophisticated skeleton
# https://github.com/paulmillr/brunch-with-chaplin
@homeView = new HomeView model: new User

# Instantiate the router
@router = new Router()
# Freeze the object
Object.freeze? this

module.exports = Application

and this also

Model = require './model'
HomeView = require 'views/home_view'

 module.exports = class User extends Model

    logged_in: false,
    token: false

 initialize: ->
   new HomeView model: new User

     email: {
       required: true,
       pattern: 'email',
       msg: 'Please enter a valid email' },
     name:  {
       required: true,
       msg: "Name is required" }   

Gives error Uncaught RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded

So none of the tricks worked for i need helpt o solve this issue.

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you should have put in backbone.validation.js in the vendor/scripts folder. Did you see that you have to unclude Backbone and Underscore before the plugin?

Brunch works with configuration files and you should have in your config.coffee something like:

exports.config =
  # See docs at http://brunch.readthedocs.org/en/latest/config.html.

  # Edit the next line to change default build path.
    public: 'public'

      # Defines what file will be generated with `brunch generate`.
      defaultExtension: 'coffee'
      # Describes how files will be compiled & joined together.
      # Available formats:
      # * 'outputFilePath'
      # * map of ('outputFilePath': /regExp that matches input path/)
      # * map of ('outputFilePath': function that takes input path)
        'javascripts/vendor.js': /^vendor/
        'javascripts/app.js': /^app/
      # Defines compilation order.
      # `vendor` files will be compiled before other ones
      # even if they are not present here.
        before: [

What it's important is the order section.

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1) You bind the validation thingie to the view, not user so thats why you get the first error

2) You shouldnt create views inside of a model,

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