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I have an application based on TCP Connection between Client and Server and i can send / receive strings, but i don't know how to send array of bytes instead : The function i'm using to Send a string from the client to server is the below :

   static void Send(string msg)
            StreamWriter writer = new StreamWriter(client.GetStream());

For exemple :


And in the server side i receive the Sent string using the following code :

      void clientConnection_ReceivedEvent(Connection client, String Message)
        string[] cut = Message.Split('|');
        switch (cut[0])
            case "CONNECTED":
                Invoke(new _AddClient(AddClient), client, null);
            case "STATUS":
                Invoke(new _Status(Status), client, cut[1]);


Could any one help me on modifying the functions above in order to send / receive array of bytes in addition to strings. to use like this :

     Send("CONNECTED |", myByteArray);

Any help would be highly appreciated, Thankyou

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An empty catch block ist always a rather bad idea. –  Uwe Keim May 5 '12 at 18:43

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Just use Stream - no need for a writer here. Basic sending is simple:

stream.Write(data, 0, data.Length);

However you probably need to think about "framing", i.e. how it knows where each sun-message starts and ends. With strings this is often special characters (maybe new line) - but this is rarely possible in raw binary. A common appoach is to proceed the message with the number f bytes to follow, in a pre-defined way (maybe network-byte-order fixed 4 byte unsigned integer, for example).

Reading: again, use the Stream Read method, but understand that you always need t check the return value; just because you say "read at most 20 bytes" doesn't mean you get that many, even if more is coming - you could read 3,3,3,11 bytes for example (unlikely, but you see what I mean). For example, to read exactly 20 bytes:

var buffer = new byte[...];
int count = 20, read, offset = 0;
while(count > 0 && ((read = source.Read(buffer, offset, count)) > 0) {
    offset += read;
    count -= read;
if(count != 0) throw new EndOfStreamException();
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Since you seem new to networking you might want to use WCF or another framework. I've just written an article about my own framework: http://blog.gauffin.org/2012/05/griffin-networking-a-somewhat-performant-networking-library-for-net

You need to use a header for your packets as Mark suggested, since TCP uses streams and not packets. i.e. there is not 1-1 relation between send and receive operations.

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