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I'm working on a photo gallery, and I would like the ability to have a gif preloader show before the main image is loaded, and then show the main image.

So, this is what I got:

I have a #photo_place which is the div that holds the main photo. This changes depending on what thumbnail the user selects. When the user does select a thumbnail, this function is triggered:

function gallery(icon){



Now, what I want, is to first, show a preloader gif at the #photo_place, load in the selected image ... somewhere, and when that image is loaded, replace the preloader, with the main image.

So maybe something like this?

function gallery(icon){

    if( == true){
        $('#photo_place').css('background-image','url("loaded image")');

Of course, that wasn't real JS, but something like that should work right?

Any ideas?


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Take a look at this. – Abhranil Das May 5 '12 at 19:16
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Perhaps you're looking for something like this?

function gallery(icon) {
   var preLoader = '../images/preloader.gif';
   var imagePath = '../images/' + icon + '.png';


   var image = new Image();

   image.onload = function() {
      $('#photo_place').css('background-image', imagePath);
   image.src = imagePath;

Also checkout Image class reference:

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